Dr. Vikram Dravid

Author of 'Not Just Cricket';

A much needed, mind-opening and importantly, de-mystifying treatment of a misunderstood illness. A must read for patients, physicians, care-givers and anyone that would like to understand cancer completely

Dr. Valerie Gremillion

Director, Convergence Consulting; Complex systems scientist and consultant in functional health and applied neuroscience;

The authors go beyond their own engaging and insightful journey to reframe basic assumptions about the nature of cancer, leading to integrated ways of both thinking about, and handling the disease. Synthesizing recent research on cancer and the roles played in it by stress, mind-body issues, diet, immunity, and more, 'My Cancer Is Me' then provides thoughtful, practical exercises and techniques for healing all aspects of the person. Highly recommended for everyone seeking a positive and illuminating path through the crucible of cancer

Bruce Lipton

Medical Scientist; celebrated author of 'The Biology of Belief'

An informative and nurturing guide that offers a detailed step by step process to regain sovereignty over your health and your life.

Peter Lloyd

Findhorn Fellow;
Author of ‘Spiritual and Alternative Hong Kong’
Editor of Positive News Hong Kong;

For many years now, I have known and seen Vijay and Nilima’s dedication to turning their experience of cancer into a vehicle of service for others. This book, the fruit of their work, personal passion and of cancer itself holds many keys to helping you turn your cancer experience into one of deepening personal meaning and understanding

Dr. Alok Pandey

Editor NAMAH, Author of ‘Death, Dying and Beyond’

These are times of transition when the old paradigms are being broken and a new thought is taking hold of the human consciousness. Prominent among this new understanding is the idea of Holism as the governing principle behind all phenomena. In brief, it means that we cannot understand, let alone master anything, unless we know the interconnectedness of all life and the relationship between the parts and the whole. Vijay and Nilima's book is very much in tune with this new thought. Having gone through a personal cancer crisis, they embarked on a new and interesting journey through the various landscapes of their inner and outer life. In the process they make many fascinating discoveries, some almost revolutionary, turning their personal crisis into a means of change; their illness into a passage towards a new and greater life. It is a bold adventure and gifted as they are in the field of communication, they bring the story of their adventure and the gains of their discovery in a lucid way to the average as well as the informed reader. ‘My Cancer Is Me!’ is not just another book that burdens you with information, but a living experience that opens new doors as you go through their personal account. The insights dawn upon us like guiding stars amidst the cloud-burdened night sky for someone facing the black pall of death. Indeed, this is a remarkable book for the professional and the non-professional alike.

Jamuna Rangachari

Assistant Editor, Life Positive; author of ‘One’ and ‘Magic Liquid’ editor of ‘Teaching Stories - I & II’

I am impressed with how Vijay and Nilima have shown the entire world that cancer CAN be tackled. After all, despair can never help anyone but positive steps can. I hope that many people will read and benefit from this book of hope and inspiration.

Kumar S. Sharma

Author of 'The Age of Ananda: Conscious Evolution to the Life Divine';

'My Cancer Is Me' is a boon for the millions of people who will unfortunately face the verdict of cancer during their lifetime. Vijay and Nilima's amazing saga of their encounter with cancer and their mission to help and heal others facing this dreaded disease belongs in the noble and inspiring genre of 'may others gain from our pain'. The disease becomes for them a catalyst for a process of deep inquiry and learning about life and death, the cellular mechanics of cancer, taking full responsibility for one's condition (and hence the title), person-centric healing, stressors and immunity, and travelling the road from illness to wholeness. By sharing their valuable and unique discoveries in this lucid book, they have empowered cancer patients and their families the world over to approach it as a 'hero's journey' in which all forces - physical, mental, and spiritual - have to be aligned not only to aid healing, but also to transform the quality of post-cancer life itself.

Arjun Shekhar

Founder, Vyaktitva; author of 'A Flawed God';

I am not a cancer patient. And yet Vijay and Nilima's writing gripped me by the collar and pulled me in. On reading that cancer, at its best, is a great opportunity for self transcendence, I wondered if I was missing out on a pivotal learning experience!

Kiara Windrider

Psychotherapist; author of ‘Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift', and 'Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human'

We are not separate from what we fight. The stress and chaos of our daily lives is simply the outer reflection of a deeply hidden process seeking to manifest itself. What we call cancer is a profound opportunity to bring ourselves back into a deeper state of balance. In a world where we have literally become a cancer to the rest of creation, it is time to transform our attitudes towards this dreaded 'dis-ease', and in so doing heal ourselves and the world. In this groundbreaking book, written from deeply personal experience, Vijay and Nilima Bhat offer tools and perspectives for doing just that. 'My Cancer Is Me' should be required reading not just for those who are experiencing the impact of cancer in their own lives, but for every citizen of this planet.