Vilasini Ramachandran

Vijay and Nilima's cancer coaching program gave me two very useful inputs to carry on with life after cancer: The first was the concept of a 'new normal'. We remain the same but with a conscious difference in attitude - leading mainstream life in a positive manner by taking each day as it comes. The second was the 'cellular healing meditation' which has helped me to heal myself with an inner strength derived step-by-step with ease and flexibility. It has also made me realise the importance of interventions other than medical treatments and follow-ups to help cancer survivors cope with life.

Client name withheld on request

I have found the cellular healing meditation to be a holistic way to bring the healing fire of the divine self to every cell of my body.

Client name withheld on request

Your program had a positive physical effect on my body. I believe the cellular healing meditation has resulted in sending signals and positive energy to the cancerous cells to cure and balance themselves. After sincere practice, my stage 4 cancerous tumours melted away (the PET scan was completely negative) and the anticipated surgery was not needed. My oncologists were stunned and taken aback! This dramatic improvement cannot be attributed to the chemo and radiation and I believe that the meditation accelerated my recovery.