Xerxes S. Desai

Vice Chairman & Managing Director (Retd.), Titan Industries

The authors are to be congratulated for writing this thoughtful, practical, comprehensive and enormously useful book. They explain and advise on how the mind can be made to beneficially manage an occurrence of cancer or, for that matter, any major illness.

R. Sridhar

Innovation Coach and Author of ‘The Uninvited Coach’ www.ideasrs.com

'My Cancer Is Me'; delivers hope in the most authentic manner to anyone who has just been told “... it is malignant ...” The authenticity stems from Vijay and Nilima themselves, who are genuine, compassionate people who care. And the book is based on their real-life experience. Their empathetic, simple, jargon-free style reaches out to everyone. I hope they translate this book into many Indian languages soon

Nithya Shanti

Spiritual teacher; www.nithyashanti.com

'My Cancer Is Me'is a work of astonishing clarity, depth and whole-heartedness: a distillation of lived wisdom, timeless healing principles and great love, disguised as a book. Personally, if I get a single great idea from a book, I consider it worth my time. This book is so filled with grounded and life-changing ideas, that every chapter could be a brilliant book in itself. I have always felt that some books come to you for a season and some come to you for a reason. This one has come to you for a very important reason: to heal not just cancer, but the very roots of what you call 'me'.

DR. Rajendra Sisodia

Chairman, Conscious Capitalism Institute and co-author of 'Firms Of Endearment'; www.cc-institute.com

Vijay and Nilima have taken a traumatic life experience and created something deeply valuable, even inspirational from it. This book is beautifully written, brutally honest, and deeply insightful. It is filled with 'Aha' moments, with nuggets of practical wisdom that you can apply to your own life today. What the authors have to say is of value to all of us: those who have experienced cancer and also those who have not. The reality is that we are all pre-cancerous; the only question is whether our body will be able to maintain its internal harmony and eliminate the cancerous cells that are continually being generated in all of us. I have no doubt that the deep wisdom in this book will save and transform lives.

Sir Martin Sorrell

Chief Executive Officer, WPP plc; www.wpp.com

Vijay Bhat was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. This remarkable book, written with his wife, describes the impact of such news not only on the individual but, at least as importantly, on the family. It takes a positive and pragmatic approach, almost detached at times and argues persuasively for an understanding and an attitude that encompass the physical, the mental and the spiritual in equal measure. Vijay's continued health and enjoyment of life strongly suggest that the Bhats'beliefs can lead to wonderfully practical outcomes.

Miles Young

Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide; www.ogilvy.com

A very compelling narrative indeed! Vijay and Nilima have themselves experienced the power of personal assertion in reframing cancer as something more than a physical symptom. Now in this book they take the insight and turn it into a veritable system for survival. The lessons are truly remarkable. Congratulations on this!