Sangeeta S. Bhagwat

Facilitator and Inner Landscape Artist; Author of 'S.O.U.L - Student of Universal Law', 'Emotional Freedom Techniques', 'The Caregiver's Manual' and 'It's Your Life - A Practical Handbook for Chronic Ailments'

Vijay and Nilima have transformed their experience into a valuable resource that will serve those who are willing to walk the path of self discovery and healing. If you are looking to discover the blessings hidden in your situation, read on!

Dr. Shyam Bhat

Psychiatrist and Integrative Medicine Specialist;

In this important book, Vijay and Nilima describe an integrated and holistic perspective of cancer. Their powerful insights include those about metaphor and language and about diet, lifestyle and stress management, but ultimately, the most important and empowering one is that cancer could be an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Annie Cariapa

Pyschotherapist, founder of Spanda

I believe that the person-centric way of healing as described by Vijay and Nilima in their book 'My Cancer Is Me' will help you heal more than your cancer. It will help you heal your life.

Dr. Sangeeta Chakravorty

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA

This is a timely and necessary book, one that helps frame the diagnosis of cancer in the context of a human and humane understanding of cell metamorphosis with the transformational changes it brings in the lives of people living with cancer, and their caregivers. Vijay and Nilima Bhat's voices, shaped by their lived experience, are like beacons of light, wisely guiding families navigating their course through the stormy uncertainties of cancer diagnosis, treatment and eventual recovery. Whether you have cancer, know someone who does or care for someone with cancer, you will be touched and changed by this book. Grab a copy for yourself and gift one to someone who needs it.

Dr. Songxuan Ke

Principal, Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine; Co-author of 'Traditional Chinese Medicine';

An excellent book ... well worth reading, for cancer patients and practitioners alike.

Dr. G.S. Nayar

Managing Director, Ojus Healthcare;

It is obvious from your book that your combined experiences as cancer victim & survivor, caregiver and wellness coach will make this a significant contribution towards our efforts to prevent and cure cancer. The title 'My Cancer Is Me' is fascinating. Fear is the key factor in cancer and is all-pervasive among the victims, their near and dear ones and even their caregivers, including physicians. Today we are aware that most of us may have cancer cells or potential cancer cells within us at any moment and that our own defence system prevents them from developing into full-blown cancer. You have managed to soften the horror by 'humanising' the tumour and instilling the reality that it could just be a manageable extension of one's own body. Cancer may be prevented by good life-style management or cured by early diagnosis and treatment. My cancer patients have benefited immensely from your program and I am hoping that your book will help them further. I wish your book becomes a bedside reference book in each family, not only of patients. Once again, congratulations and all the very best for the launch of this much needed book.

Dr. Siu-man Ng

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work & Social Administration; Director, HKU Family Institute; Program Director, M.Soc.Sci.(Mental Health) program, The University of Hong Kong

'My Cancer Is Me' is certainly an important book, providing a revolutionary view on coping with cancer from an East-West philosophical perspective. Instead of seeing cancer as something 'not me' that should be totally got rid of, the authors argue that cancer is an integral 'part of me'. While cancer may bring us closer to facing death, it also brings us closer to the very basic nature of life. Acknowledging the wholeness of our existence, we may reinvent ourselves and discover new meanings and a new purpose of life through in-depth personal reflection. Apart from putting forward a new paradigm of understanding cancer, the authors also share their personal journey of transcending cancer. This book deserves a strong recommendation to healthcare professionals, as well as people with cancer and their family members

Dr. U.S. Vishal Rao

Consultant Oncologist - Head & Neck Surgeon;

One can't help but wonder about the 'why' and 'what' of our fight against cancer. After all, cancer cells are not abnormal cells that have struck from the 'outside', rather they are our own normal cells that have gone astray! A child that develops from an embryo in the mother's womb is also the result of rapid cell multiplication, but which is well controlled and monitored. However, when the same cells multiply abnormally, we refer to it as 'cancer' and the result disrupts our health. ' 'My Cancer Is Me'' demystifies cancer and has arrived at the right time, bringing together Western medicine and Eastern philosophy. This book will guide readers to strengthen their own immune system, to heal the cancer cells and thus neutralise them

Dr. Pramod Tripathi

Health & Stress Management specialist;

Thought-provoking ... and shared from a personal journey of evolution. Vijay & Nilima provide deep insights that the world needs to pay attention to!

Dr. Stanley S. Wetschler


As a physician who had metastatic cancer 13 years ago and having, until then, approached medicine in the conventional way, I can say with confidence that although the medical community receives excellent training in employing the most cutting-edge technological advances in their respective fields, they neglect to recognize the possibilities which exist beyond their formal training. By contrast, the previous chief of the National Institute of Health's, NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) coined the phrase 'new medicine' to emphasise the importance of the mind - body - spirit connection in achieving true healing, and in some cases, miraculous cures. I am delighted that the range of therapeutic modalities emphasized in Vijay and Nilima's journey encompasses the wisdom of indigenous and ancient cultures. I invite you to embrace the many lessons in this book ... and don't allow your physician, friends or family to 'steal' your spirit!