Anand Tendolkar

Your book makes for a compelling read. Tightly written in an easy, conversational style. Clear, focused, organised and action-oriented. Moving seamlessly between both of you. I have this habit of reading a book from back to front. I found that each chapter was stand-alone in that sense, with the context being quite clear.

Shravan Bhat

I just had another long look at the website and it is fantastic ... really world class! You should both be very proud. From a design stand point, it's so clean and well laid out. And from the content stand point, wow! You've got an excellent balance of great testimonials and links to shopping portals.One suggestion: provide a direct link to the relevant Twitter pages. You should both have twitter handles and links to follow them embedded into the website itself. Anyways, congrats again on the book and the website and your lives!

Naresh Bala

I discovered Vijay and Nilima Bhat through their book 'My Cancer is Me', which I found to be very meaningful. It is so much more that just another cancer survivor's autobiography. The magic for me is Nilima's 'I AM' cellular healing meditation, through which I receive all her peace, stillness and energy. It combines Indian, Western and Chinese concepts. And it is divine. I recommend this extremely well-written book for everyone who is interested in living well and preventing (and not just healing from) chronic emotional and physiological issues. Vijay & Nilima are very special people, chosen by the universe for special work. I wish them many years of love, togetherness, peace and service.

Geeta Rao

I just finished reading Vijay and Nilima Bhat's book 'My Cancer Is Me'. It is rare for authors to write so honestly about themselves, the patient and caregiver equation, how it impacts marriage and relationships and how to start the healing process. While it is for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis, a big section is more in the life-coaching space and could work for anyone dealing with some sort of transition. Must read, must gift!

Ina Rajapaksha

I enjoyed reading 'My Cancer Is Me', and it is all I experienced with my cancer patients, from the different shocks after diagnosis to the different stages during the disease. The book is written in a very structured way, pragmatic and deeply emotional, and at the same time very easy to follow like manual for a patient and his caretakers. It touches all the necessary aspects and I am delighted, because I can just use your worksheets and particularly, the cellular healing meditation. It will make my work with patients easier. THANK YOU, both of you for having the stamina to write this book full of your soul, your experience, and your personal story. It will be a great help and a valuable resource for many people.

Suku Murti

'My Cancer Is Me' is a masterpiece. I read some sections in minute detail and realised that I need to read the book more than once to absorb its true value. Very structured and holistic. You are also a great story teller. The scholastic effort is of the highest academic order. At a physical, mental and spiritual level, you have objectively analysed and intrepreted so many issues and presented them lucidly and clearly to readers. Thank you and Nilima for sharing so much.

Jeroo Mulla

Vijay and Nilima’s journey of experiencing cancer has now resulted in this wonderful book. I agree with Vijay when he calls people like us not cancer survivors but cancer thrivers! Many of us will agree that we began to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives after cancer than before. And this is the thrust of their book – that one can overcome all the odds by making informed choices. Most of us who have cancer invariably ask – why me? If at that time we are ready to begin a deep inward search, we often find amazing answers which help us to re-build our lives differently. Vijay and Nilima’s candid honesty and sharing of deeply personal experiences which most of us would like to hide in our closets are remarkable. This kind of maturity can only come with a lot of self-growth. Both Nilima’s and Vijay’s desire to reach out and help others is palpable. ‘My Cancer Is Me’ is really worth reading and I would very strongly recommend it to those who are undergoing cancer treatment and are confused about what they should be doing. I would also recommend it to anyone who is a care-giver or has a family member or close friend who has cancer.

Sapphire Noronha

Vijay and Nilima, this is one of the best books I have ever read - a Magic Lantern on Wellness. Thank you for sharing your experience and what you have learnt about life. It is an inspiration for me and my family and we share a special bond with your book as our father succumbed to this illness 39 years ago.

hank fieger

I was very impressed by the 'inside-out' approach that this book takes. 'My Cancer Is Me!' is about more than just cancer. It is about living a holistic life and learning to heal oneself.


‘My Cancer Is Me!’ is the distillate of profound wisdom and vast experience; intellectually honest, empathetic and convincing. Based on evidence that is usually neglected by the medical establishment, it challenges the prevalent image of cancer as an incurable disease. Tracing the origin of cancer to the person’s experiences, thoughts and emotions, it shows how a person can participate in his own treatment by accessing his inner resources. The book goes into the best that modern medicine and traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine have to offer, and also tells how the patient can tilt treatment outcomes in his favour by adopting a positive approach to life in general, and the disease in particular. Thus, the book empowers the patient to make informed choices and also to create the right conditions for healing.


This is not just a book for people with cancer, it is truly for anyone who has ever been touched by illness. I was initially drawn to it because of my interest in holistic health and my deep belief in the connection between our physical health and our thoughts, attitude and emotions but found that it it spoke about much more than that. Perhaps my biggest takeaway was that my attitude towards death and dying shifted a great deal. Thanks Vijay and Nilima for sharing your journey with the world.

Jasneet Kaur

This book is not just for people with cancer. It is for anyone who is dealing with a serious illness and is looking to heal from the trauma and turmoil that it causes. After a debilitating and life-altering spinal injury, I read many self-help books and this book truly surprised me because its insights apply as much to me, as they to a cancer patient. I only wish I had had this book years ago; it would have eased a lot of my stress.Vijay and Nilima have come up with a sorely needed guide to understanding and healing the self, at every level; I found true support, compassion and guidance in these pages.'My Cancer Is Me' will encourage you to look at every possible factor causing your ill health, and will help you create your own individual path to wellness. Happy healing!